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Foundation Piecing and Freezer Paper

Foundation piecing or paper piecing is one of my favorite methods for making quilt tops. Why do I like it? Foundation piecing has two advantages over traditional piecing: Makes sharp points! Can be used to make unusual shapes. Examples of the sharp points are stars, compasses and other similar patterns. Some of my favorites are […]

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Pick Your Whimsy

This is exciting news for us! We are starting to offer our Whimsy collection in a class on Teachable. What is the Whimsy collection? There are several patterns available in the Whimsy collection and we keep adding more. They all have a similar design: wheel center, applique around the wheel, and a checkerboard border. There […]

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Auditioning and Costume Changes for Color

Have you seen a quilt pattern you really like, but the colors or print are all wrong for you? I am sure you have. It is one of the reasons designers and fabric companies provide alternate colorways. Everyone has their own unique tastes. You are tempted to purchase the pattern anyway and change the color […]

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Silence is Golden

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” – Plato   I will claim to be neither wise nor foolish. My silence is because I have been very busy developing some new things to share! First, we have several new patterns about to be published. They are […]

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