Snowflake Whimsy with BLING!

This is exciting news for us! We are starting to offer our Whimsy collection in a class on Teachable.

What is the Whimsy collection?

There are several patterns available in the Whimsy collection and we keep adding more. They all have a similar design: wheel center, applique around the wheel, and a checkerboard border. There is a different theme for each quilt, but all are constructed in a similar manner. Most are 48″ or 52″ square. The original Whimsy (floral) is 75″ square. Currently, the Whimsy collection includes:

As new Whimsy patterns are released, they will be added to the class. The great news is that once you enroll, you have access to the whole collection!

Class Curriculum

The class will include patterns, pre-recorded videos, helpful handouts, step-by-step instructions, Live Q&A sessions , and bonus materials. The class has six sections:

  • Getting Ready for Whimsy – Pick your pattern, map your fabrics, find your tools, and get a few tips to make the process easier.
  • Wheeling Around – Learn how to make the center wheel without ever sewing a curve!
  • Whimsical Flair – Various techniques for making appliques and fusing them to the pattern will be shared. This includes making templates, using fusible, proper placement, and securing appliques.
  • Checking It Out – Make checkered borders using strip piecing for some. Learn how to measure to so they come our right.
  • Decking It Out – Bling is half the fun of a whimsy quilt. We will add loads of techniques over the next year to ensure you have fun making it unique, If you have a specific technique you would like to learn, let us know!
  • Finishing Touches – This includes binding and suggestions for quilting! Yep – not just quilt as desired 🙂

In addition, you will have access to our private Facebook group, just for students. Students will be able to share their work, ask questions, cheer others on, and hear first-hand about new patterns for the collection. And those new patterns will be available for paid students!

Start Date

The class material will start to be trickled in July! We will add the basics for the first module at that time. Basics for each module will be added every two weeks until the class has a full framework.

Then, we start adding extras to the class to keep the material evergreen. These extras will include various bling techniques, quilting ideas, and other tips and tricks. Some of these will be adds to the class. Others will be special info added to the Facebook group. This is exclusive information that isn’t available on our YouTube channel or in our patterns.

Facebook Live and/or Zoom Sessions will be scheduled for Question-and-Answer sessions.

Where Do I Sign Up?

You sign up for the class on Teachable. This is a monthly subscription of $15. After you sign up, you will have full access as long as you pay for the entire class.

Do you have questions? Please drop an email to and we will provide you with answers.


We hope to see you soon!

Happy Quilting