Lectures & Trunk Shows

Laureen has always loved sew and tell! She would love to sew and tell with your Quilt Guild in the form of a Lecture, Trunk Show, or Workshop. 

Transform Your Quilt Project with BLING!

Do you want to make your quilts standout from a crowd? Do you have fun experimenting with new techniques? Then, learn how you can take your quilts over the top with BLING! This zoom lecture is designed to help you understand the process so you can step a little outside your comfort zone while quilting.

Trust Yourself with Color

This Zoom lecture provides a little color theory and an understanding of fabric SKUs to make some material magic. Learn how to use Tone, Tint and Shade to your advantage when changing Hues. If this is gibberish to you, this lecture will help you better understand color. Once you understand color, you can recolor patterns to suit your palette.


We provide simple tutorials through our YouTube channel.