Lectures & Trunk Shows

Laureen has always loved sew and tell! She would love to sew and tell with your Quilt Guild in the form of a Lecture, Trunk Show, or Workshop. 

Deny Quilting Gravity, A Fun and Fabulous Way to Level Up Your Quilts! 

Are your quilts feeling a bit flat? Do you have fun experimenting with new techniques? This Zoom lecture is designed to

1. Break the quilting habits

2. Showcase different techniques

3. Plan your next quilting adventure

We will explore how and when to add those extra elements to your quilt. Build your confidence with little tweaks and little projects to watch your quilting ability flourish.

Let’s get together and take your quilts to the next level.

Eye Popping Panels

Panel are all the rage. Why? Because they can be quick and easy to turn into quilts.

So why do we collect them instead of use them? Because we struggle with how to use them!

Let me share with you how to take those panels you purchased, with designs that catch your eye, to make quilts.

Think outside the frame… 

My Metamorphosis

From engineer to artist… 

From following patterns to writing them….

From frames to fantastic…

Every quilter has a journey. We make mistakes and masterpieces. Quilting is our passion, our outlet, our gift to ourselves and others.  

I would love to share my story with you.

Laureen with Quilt


We provide simple tutorials through our YouTube channel.