Are you looking for a quick tip or trick and don’t want to scroll endless to find it? This little library is constantly growing to help you when you need it most.

Spinning Seams?


What exactly does spinning seams mean? And why should I do it?

When you have four or more seams coming together, it can create a lot of bulk in that area. This bulk makes it difficult to quilt over later.

Spinning the seams moves the seam allowance around so that they are less bulky, without resorting to scissors! 

This technique works for Four Patch, Nine Patch, Quarter Square Triangles, 8-Pointed Stars, etc. It will NOT work against a solid seam, like a Split Square Triangle.

Watch the video to see how to do it.

Bury Your Thread

Do you get frustrated trying to thread your tails when finishing a quilts. Especially when those tails are short?

You have tried self-threading needles but they get stuck in the batting?

If you have sewn over these threads, they are locked. So you don’t need to knot them. 

Watch this video to show how to lasso those threads for an easy finish! 

Stop Chasing Bobbin Threads

Do you get frustrated trying to untangle your bobbin thread after sewing? Especially when it is a long tail under several seams. 

Here is a great method for taming those tails for a more polished finish on your project.

Watch the video for details!