Would you like to be a pattern tester?

Pattern Testers

What is a pattern tester? A pattern tester does three things- proofread a new pattern, make the block, quilt top, or project, and provide feedback on ways to improve the pattern. Improvements could be grammatical, typographical, modifications or clarifications of diagrams or written instructions, and easier methods to make it.  Please be picky! Your attention to detail will make it better. Also, take pictures of your finished work. I would love to be able to share it – you will get credit for your stitching. It does not need to be quilted, just assembled. Quilting is a bonus.

I design lots of patterns. Some are easy and some are more challenging. Therefore, I am looking for several testers at each skill level: beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Many of these patterns have tight deadlines, so please be sure you can commit to a deadline for specific project. Often, the pattern may be designed for a specific fabric line, which is not available yet, so you get to pick what fabrics you like for it!

Right now, I am making a list of volunteers, so if you know anyone who may be interested, please let me know. I will need your name, email and skill level. It would also be good to know if you have a favorite type of quilting – applique, piece work, foundation piecing, etc. My patterns are varied, so there is a little for everyone. You can even pair up with someone to do these.

For each pattern, I would like three people to test the block and/or quilt top. I will send an email asking if you are interested in making the design and if you can make the deadline. If you can do it, great! If you can’t, don’t worry there will be a next time. You will make the pattern from your own materials and keep whatever you make. I just ask for comments and pictures. I will provide a form for the feedback to make it easier for you.

This sounds like a lot of work, what do you get in return? First, you get a free pattern. Also, each volunteer who completes the assignment will receive a 25% coupon for my store. It can be used on fabric or other patterns, your choice.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below. We will add your information to the list and contact you when an opportunity arises. Make sure to add your email address!

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