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Cotton Cuts

Have you heard of Cotton Cuts? Cotton Cuts is an online quilt shop that sells patterns, fabrics, threads, and memberships. Yup – memberships. You pick your membership, which could be a thread of the month, gnome of the month (those adorable little creatures), puzzle mystery quilt, or a fabric collection of the month. The Puzzle […]

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EQ8 Christmas Inspiration

I am a little late participating in the EQ8 Spotlight for the Goose Frame! Something about the holidays and finishing the year on time… My first step was to combine a Maltese Cross with the Goose Frame. This new Goose Maltese was partnered with a Pineapple block. A pieced sash with Diamond in Square and […]

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Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie

Smoothies have been all the rage as people are trying to eat and snack healthier. I can’t say my blender gets that much of a workout, but I do like a smoothie on occasion, especially if someone else is preparing them!  I have a wonderful recipe book for them. Speaking of sweet treats, Strawberry Kiwi […]

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Unexpected Turn

Do you ever find that turning one block can make all the difference? That is exactly what happened when I was playing with the EQ8 Spotlight blocks this month. The block is Fan Dance 3. It is a simple block and I didn’t want to use it like a traditional fan.  The best way to […]

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Lost Youth

June 3rd is National Gun Violence Awareness Day. The terrors of the past few weeks have weighed heavily on me. I am not about to jump into any political discussions on this. During this time of shock and sadness, I needed to channel my energy and avoid the news to keep my own inner peace. […]

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Cover Girl

I have some extremely exciting news to share with you today. I am a cover girl for the first time! In actuality, my quilt, All American Spirit is in the cover of McCall’s Quilting July/August ’24 issue.  The quilt design is a fun blend of stars and log cabin blocks, which is perfect for the […]

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Silence is Golden

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” – Plato   I will claim to be neither wise nor foolish. My silence is because I have been very busy developing some new things to share! First, we have several new patterns about to be published. They are […]

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Thank Your Quilt Designers

How often have you listened to the radio and thought about how much you liked a song by a certain performer? If you are like me, you listen to the radio (Spotify, iTunes, etc.) so often that thought pops into my head probably daily (on a really good day hourly). We associate the songs with […]

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Block Spotlight – Stripes Bordered Inside 4

This month, Jenny from EQ8 picked a sashing block for the spotlight. That was a new challenge. I play with sashing blocks quite a bit, but making this one special was my challenge this month. The first debate between me, myself and I was whether to use it as a sash block as listed, or […]

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Never Forget

My mother always said that she remembered everything about the moment she heard the news the JFK was shot. Similarly, most of us, who are old enough, probably remember where we were on 9/11/2001. Personally, I received the news about the twin towers after I walked through a deserted airport, which normally would have been […]

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