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Valentine’s Day Mystery Solved!

All month, I have been posting clues about my newest pattern. This quilt was designed to represent love from an older and simpler time. It symbolizes the move from lover to bride, wife, and homemaker. This quilt includes four blocks based upon traditional designs. These four blocks are: Wedding Bouquet (Nancy Page, Birmingham News, Jan […]

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Seeing Double?

Recently, a client asked me to make two identical queen-sized quilts. Some quilters like repetitive piecing and quilting patterns. They can master the techniques and improve on their time or quality with every repetition. I really respect these people – they are the true perfectionists. I am not one of those quilters… I like an […]

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Celtic Medallion

Northcott was celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Stonehenge Fabrics with a Block Party and a design challenge for a Traveling Stonehenge Quilt Display. This quilt was designed specifically for that challenge. Although it wasn’t chosen as one of the finalists, I was excited to design a quilt for a specific challenge. I am in the […]

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