Elevate your quilting! Applismith is a new method of fusible applique that adds a third dimension to your quilting. Once you learn this technique, the possibilities will amaze you.

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What is Applismith?

To smith means to make or work with. A silversmith works with silver. A goldsmith works with gold. So, an Appliuqesmith works with appliques.  We just shortened it a bit to Applismith so it would be easier to say!

Applismith is a whole new method that will change the way you quilt. It couples the ease of fusible applique with the economy of quilt as you go. These simplified methods give you time to take it over the top with a bit of thread painting and beading. The result is an elegant project.

This technique is easy to learn and lots of fun. Once you learn it, the sky is the limit! You can apply it to all sorts of quilting projects. 

Are you curious? If so, please watch the video collage below to see a little more about the steps involved in the Poinsettia Runner project.




What will you learn in the Applismith Course?

You will learn a totally new method of quilting. For the experienced quilter, you may find it a bit backward. Trust me – it works!

The course has six lessons, one a week to give you time to complete each. The lessons are given via Zoom, so you get the benefit of a live instructor. Not to worry, we will be recording the sessions to ensure you won’t miss a thing.

The basic lessons are:

  1. Welcome and selection of materials
  2. Methods to transfer designs
  3. Quilting the blocks
  4. Making the appliques
  5. Applying the appliques
  6. Adding puffy centers

There are three bonus lessons included:

  • Connecting blocks
  • Binding quilts
  • Adding embellishments! 


Designs Available

We have lots of designs in the hopper! 

The first one we are offering in this course is the Poinsettia Runner. The runner has three 9-inch blocks, combined on point.

The beauty of these projects is that when you are done, you are done! No more quilt tops waiting for inspiration or travel to the longarmer. 

Poinsettia Runner Course starts in









Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be good quilter?

This is course isn’t for beginners. But we provide enough detail so that confident beginners and more advanced quilters should enjoy the class.

Experience with free motion quilting is not required. We provide options for free motion and machine quilting (with our without walking foot).

Do I need any special materials for the class?

Yes – You will need a special interfacing/fusible. That material is available from a variety of shops, including our shop.

Are kits available?

Yes – We have kits available, which include the special interfacing and embellishments. You can also use your own materials if you choose. We will provide a list of materials before class.

Is a special sewing machine needed?

No – All of our samples were made on a domestic machine. We do recommend having both a quilting foot, an open toe foot, and possibly a foor for blanket stitching.

Can I pick a specific pattern?

We will host a different class for each pattern. So make sure to sign up for the right one. The basic steps will be the same. However the assemby and embellishments may vary. The specific pattern is included in the class.

How long will I have access to the class?

We will record the class so that you have lifetime access to this class.

What if I need extra help?

We will have a privateFacebook group for Applismith. You will be able to post questions there to get help from us and other members.

Class Schedule

Each class meets weekly for an hour, unless otherwise noted. Classes will be recorded to ensure you don’t miss a thing.


  • Starting January 16th @ 7 pm – Poinsettia Runner