Month: May 2022

Forest Trails

I think Fergus likes the Forest Trails more than I do! Thankfully, I have planted one in the backyard for him to explore.  Fergus isn’t the neighborhood bear, although we do have those. Fergus is my 150 lb Newfoundland and best buddy. He keeps me company while I garden, hike, cook, and quilt. We love […]

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Floral Points

Taking a day to play. Sometimes, we just need to step away for a little bit and catch our breath, unplug. I have four methods: hiking with my dogs, baking, gardening, and designing. My profession can also help me unplug. When I design for fun, there are not deadline, no stress, just play. That is […]

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I love it when people share pictures of the sunrise. The palette of the sky is often the indicator for the day ahead. It is wonderful to see the vivid colors fading to pastels as the sun rises further in the sky, reminding of the beauty and promise waiting for us each day. A perfect […]

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Desert Dove

Dream catchers and saguaro cactus are associated with both the American Southwest and desert doves. What are desert doves and how are they related to dream catchers and cacti? Four species of doves inhabit the Sonoran Desert: White-winged Dove, Mourning Dove, Common Ground-Dove, and Inca Dove. Their existence in the desert is essential for the […]

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Cover Girl

I have some extremely exciting news to share with you today. I am a cover girl for the first time! In actuality, my quilt, All American Spirit is in the cover of McCall’s Quilting July/August ’24 issue.  The quilt design is a fun blend of stars and log cabin blocks, which is perfect for the […]

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Bountiful Harvest

Most gardeners have just started planting for this year’s harvest. Many of them are already dreaming about the bounty they will gather from their efforts. I am one of those. Each year, I pick seeds and plants depending upon my cravings during the winter. I make great plans for the fruits of my labors – […]

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Cactus Rose

I am an East Coast/Midwest girl. I have never lived west of the Mississippi but have traveled there often. On a few of those trips, I was able to glance the rare desert blooms that most of us only see in photos or in cactus gardens grown indoors. The profusion of colors popping from these […]

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