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Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie

Smoothies have been all the rage as people are trying to eat and snack healthier. I can’t say my blender gets that much of a workout, but I do like a smoothie on occasion, especially if someone else is preparing them!  I have a wonderful recipe book for them. Speaking of sweet treats, Strawberry Kiwi […]

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Sew Wonderful

Bespoke is word not many people are familiar with in our day and age, although quilters can apply it to almost all of their creations. What does it mean? According to Merriam-Webster, bespoke means custom-made or dealing in or producing custom-made articles. All hand-made quilts are bespoke. They have our own customizations, even if they […]

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I love it when people share pictures of the sunrise. The palette of the sky is often the indicator for the day ahead. It is wonderful to see the vivid colors fading to pastels as the sun rises further in the sky, reminding of the beauty and promise waiting for us each day. A perfect […]

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Lattice of Avalon

Here is a pop quiz for my readers who also love the Arthurian legend. Where was King Arthur’s castle? What was the name of King Arthur’s sword? How did King Arthur get that sword? Where was that sword made? Who reigned over the place where the sword was made? The answers to these questions depend […]

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All Squared Away

Do you ever wonder about the origins of some of the phrases we use in the English language? My youngest son and I dove into that rabbit hole the other day when I said, “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” He responded that he understood the meaning to be grateful but was curious about […]

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With snow on the ground here in Virginia, it is difficult to think about Earth Day and spring being right around the corner. But it is.  Yesterday, I saw a seemingly misguided robin. They usually arrive as the harbinger of spring. This poor guy may have had a compass malfunction or maybe he had it […]

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Ocean City

On a cold winter’s day like this, it helps to think of something warm and wonderful. What could be more warm and wonderful than a day on the beach? Walking on the boardwalk wearing flip-flops, sunglasses, and your favorite summer outfit? Sipping on a fruity drink while sitting on a towel, under an umbrella, while […]

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People familiar with the Finger Lakes Region of New York often focus on three activities: boating, skiing, and wine tasting. All three of these are quite enjoyable in this picturesque region, but the area is also rich in history, particularly the Town of Canandaigua. Canandaigua was the site of Susan B. Anthony’s 1873 trial for […]

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Femme Fatale

There are many femme fatale in history, like Mata Hari, Lucrezia Borgia, Salome, Delilah…. They all have these things in common – beauty and a seductive power that men can’t resist, which usually leads to their destruction. Mata Hari was a spy in World War I. Lucrezia Borgia helped her family gain power in Italy […]

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Victory at Sea

I really enjoy the sea, whether sailing on it or watching it from shore. The sea is temperamental, which gives it personality. I have been on it during storms and calm, but prefer it somewhere in between. It may be a romantic notion to think of the sea to have a personality, but I am […]

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