Here is a pop quiz for my readers who also love the Arthurian legend.

  1. Where was King Arthur’s castle?
  2. What was the name of King Arthur’s sword?
  3. How did King Arthur get that sword?
  4. Where was that sword made?
  5. Who reigned over the place where the sword was made?

The answers to these questions depend upon your favorite author and their spin on the Arthurian legend. I have read a variety of books by at least a dozen different authors, each of which have a different angle from which they tell the story. Some of my favorites are Stephen Lawhead’s The Pendragon Cycle, Jack Whyte’s Camulod Chronicles, and Mary Stewart’s Arthurian Saga. Both Lawhead and Whyte take a historical approach, while Stewart uses a more magical approach. Sadly, both Mary Stewart and Jack Whyte passed in 2021. Their talents will be missed. On a positive note, GoodReads lists over 400 titles related to the Arthurian legend. So, I still have plenty to read.

Do you want my answers for the pop quiz?  King Arthur resided in Camelot with his magical Excalibur, which he pulled from a stone. Excalibur was forged in Avalon, which was ruled by the Lady of the Lake.

These answers bring us back to quilting! The Lattice of Avalon pattern was designed for Northcott’s Avalon collection. This collection has beautiful prints, featuring wild orchid-colored flowers and deep green foliage. The large pieces show off the gorgeous prints in two colorways: Navy and Ivory. Large pieces and traditional piecing help this quilt come together quickly. The mitered borders keep ensure the design transitions beautifully at the corners.

If you like Lattice of Avalon, the pattern is available in our shop for retail and wholesale. The fabric should be available in stores in July 2022.

Happy Quilting!