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Mass Migration

Each fall we see hundreds of birds, particularly geese, fly south for the winter. In our neighborhood, we see many geese, some of whom are already back this spring and getting ready to nest. I always mark when I see the first robin of spring. My neighbor counts on the hummingbirds which should arrive within […]

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Solidarity Sunflower

Like so many others, I found myself glued to the news this weekend, looking for anything positive. The range of my emotions ran from anger and disgust to sadness and helplessness. There were glimpses of hope, pride and encouragement sprinkled in there as well. One thing I knew for sure is that I couldn’t just […]

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Warning: I brake for turtles! Honestly, I do. I stop to save box turtles and other critters from the road. The thought of one of those little creatures getting hit by a car leaves a pit in my stomach, Yes, I am a softy, but I draw the line at snapping turtles. They are not […]

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Puppy Love

Puppy love… that first crush, so sweet and innocent. Each of us probably holds our own memories of puppy love, which still brings a secret smile to our faces. That person you remember so fondly from your childhood. Some will swear it wasn’t puppy love, but the real thing, as Paul Anka did in his […]

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Venetian Rose

How closely do you look at the blocks when you pick a quilt? Most of us look at the overall design first, then look at the details. The details include the colors, the technique, and maybe the block construction. For quick quilts, we gravitate toward large, simple or repetitive blocks. But sometimes these criteria for […]

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Madras Madness

Being of Irish heritage, plaid was an integral part of our family growing up. I can’t remember seeing my grandfather without plaid. Sometimes, he would even wear two plaids at once. That made most of the fashion-conscious women of the family cringe. He would just smile and tell us that he was well coordinated, he […]

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Dashing Americana!

Dashing Americana is a reimagination of the Churn Dash Block. This block is quickly assembled with strip piecing, half square triangles two at a time, and fused appliques. This was really a fun project from start to finish! There are so many possibilities to learn when you focus on one block. For examples, the stripes […]

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Dashing Americana

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