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Chilly Corner

When fall arrives, leaves fall and reveal woodland creatures. We love to watch these creatures from the warmth of our homes. We bundle in plaid to stay warm, while the snow falls. These are the images brought to my mind when I first saw Dear Stella’s License to Chill fabric. These fabrics are the center […]

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Fall Festival

Fall is one of my favorite times of year.  I know strange to talk about fall in spring. Spring is when trees and flowers burst into color. Green, pink, yellow, purple, and blue abound. In fall, these colors are inverse as the leaves change and other flowers bloom. Foliage changes to red, orange, yellow, and […]

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Panda Paws

Did you know that April 16, 2022 is the 50th anniversary of giant pandas at the Washington Smithsonian Zoo? If you haven’t visited the zoo to see the pandas, it is a must see on your next trip to Washington, D.C. We are fortunate to live so close to the zoo. We can pop in […]

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Framed in Ferns

Shade gardens are so soothing. The variety of greens and textures of the leaves are so interesting. Hostas have such large and lush leaves with white, yellow and green. Heuchera are intriguing with their red and green leaves with foamy flowers. Hellebore are the first flowers for the season blooming between Christmas and Lent. Chelone […]

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Ice Cream Stand

No matter when you live, ice cream stands have a special place in our memories. Growing up in the Adirondacks, it was never particularly warm in the summer, but we still enjoyed the local ice cream stand in summer. Anyone who lives in the country knows that local can me several miles away. And yes, […]

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With snow on the ground here in Virginia, it is difficult to think about Earth Day and spring being right around the corner. But it is.  Yesterday, I saw a seemingly misguided robin. They usually arrive as the harbinger of spring. This poor guy may have had a compass malfunction or maybe he had it […]

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Star of the Picnic

When I think of picnics, I envision a quilt amidst a field of wildflowers, a wicker basket full of food, a bottle of wine, friends, and laughter. Maybe I have watched too many BBC period pieces like Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility. My last experience with a picnic was not quite so bucolic. […]

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Ocean City

On a cold winter’s day like this, it helps to think of something warm and wonderful. What could be more warm and wonderful than a day on the beach? Walking on the boardwalk wearing flip-flops, sunglasses, and your favorite summer outfit? Sipping on a fruity drink while sitting on a towel, under an umbrella, while […]

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Fairy’s Waltz

How many of you remember the Strawberry Shortcake characters?  The adorable lead character was created for greeting cards and eventually became a franchise with ornaments, toys, television specials, coloring books, and so much more. What captivated me about the character was her adorable nature, which was as sweet as her name. The first glimpse of […]

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Simple Gatherings

Sometimes, the simplest things in life are best – a cup of tea on a blustery morning, a hike in the woods, or a simple meal with lively conversation amongst family and/or friends. These simple moments are often cherished more than hustle and bustle events because we have the time to savor them. Quilting can […]

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