Shade gardens are so soothing. The variety of greens and textures of the leaves are so interesting. Hostas have such large and lush leaves with white, yellow and green. Heuchera are intriguing with their red and green leaves with foamy flowers. Hellebore are the first flowers for the season blooming between Christmas and Lent. Chelone are amusing with their pink turtle heads blooms. Ferns with their feathery leaves come in all shapes, sizes and colors as well.

Soft ferns are found not just in the shade gardens like mine, but also in the woods where I walk. They provide a beautiful carpet of green that flanks the paths. I know the cools fronds provide cover for the wildlife in the area.

Ferns are such beautiful and delicate. To capture this loveliness and Dear Stella’s Let’s Get Wild collection, I designed Framed in Ferns. The foundation pieced fronds surround large nature blocks. The finished quilt measures 88″ square.

Framed in Ferns

The pattern is available in our shop for both retail and wholesale.


Happy Quilting!