Fall Festival – Red colorway

Fall Festival – Purple colorway

Fall is one of my favorite times of year.  I know strange to talk about fall in spring. Spring is when trees and flowers burst into color. Green, pink, yellow, purple, and blue abound. In fall, these colors are inverse as the leaves change and other flowers bloom. Foliage changes to red, orange, yellow, and brown. On a color wheel, these are complimentary colors. Orange complements blue. Green complements red. Yellow and purple complement each other.

Fall Festival is all about complementary colors. The two colorways – purple and red. The purple colorway has plenty of yellow to contrast or complement the purple. Meanwhile, the red is complemented by green. Dear Stella’s festive Pumpkin Spice collection is the perfect pairing for this pattern. The collection uses fall foliage, perfect pumpkins and plaid.

Fall Festival uses strip piecing and chain piecing to make a quick and easy fall throw. It is a perfect beginner quilt to make before fall. Then, you can snuggle under it when the weather cools and the colors change.

The Fall Festival pattern is available for retail and wholesale in our shop.

Happy Quilting!