Ice Cream Stand

No matter when you live, ice cream stands have a special place in our memories. Growing up in the Adirondacks, it was never particularly warm in the summer, but we still enjoyed the local ice cream stand in summer. Anyone who lives in the country knows that local can me several miles away. And yes, the Kayuta Drive-in was several miles from our house. Dad would pile us into the car for a special treat at the drive in. We were excited to see what the flavor special was. Regardless of the special, I was partial to either the chocolate twist or the black raspberry twist. Not only did the trip reward us with a tasty treat, but it was a social time. You hoped that you may see a friendly face or two while you were there. What are your ice cream memories? Is it an ice cream truck driving through your neighborhood? Is it an ice cream cart in the park? Or is it a dish of ice cream at home?

I tried to capture my ice cream memories simply in “Ice Cream Stand“, which features Dear Stella’s Meowmi Beach fabric collection. The pattern includes simple directions for foundation piecing the ice cream cones. The rest is traditionally pieced with large blocks to make it a quick quilt to assemble. The finished quilt is 54″ x 74″, which makes it the perfect size for the beach or the back yard!

We hope you enjoy this pattern. It is available for retail and wholesale in our shop.

Happy Quilting!