Candy Corners



Do you have a sweet tooth? I certainly do. For some reason, I really like the seasonal treats: candy canes, candy hearts, Peeps, and candy corn! As you can probably tell, this pattern was inspired by candy corn 🙂 I really like the secondary effect created by the combination of Maltese Crosses and Snowball blocks.

There are three colorways to choose from. The colorways feature “Spooky” Banyan Batiks. So whether you like traditional yellow, orange, white, and black or you like more modern purple, green and white, there is an option for you!

Finished Size: 49” x 61”

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Introduction: The secondary pattern on this quilt is created with a unique border block.

Fabric by Spooky by Banyan Batiks, a division of Northcott:

Pumpkin Purple Cauldron Dark Purple Cauldron Light Yard
83191-1008 83191-980 83193-230 3 1/4
83192-522 83192-1000 83192-1000 2/3
81300-54 81300-71 81300-71 2/3
83194-135 83193-230 83191-980 3/4
83195-582 81300-86 81300-86 3/4
81000-1013 * 81300-85 * 81300-85 * 1/2
Batting                       59” x 71” Backing 3

* Binding

Notions: Freezer paper

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