Unexpected Turn

Fan Dance 3

Do you ever find that turning one block can make all the difference? That is exactly what happened when I was playing with the EQ8 Spotlight blocks this month. The block is Fan Dance 3. It is a simple block and I didn’t want to use it like a traditional fan.  The best way to keep things from being ordinary is to put something unexpected with it. I chose a quarter log cabin block. To keep things even a little more interesting, I only colored half the log cabin, so it took more of an art deco look. As I was arranging blocks and flipping them to get the look I wanted, I slipped and that made all of the difference. The corners became an art deco design. It was perfect!

That is the beauty of playing with these blocks in EQ8. You can flip and turn them. Color them and replace them. Sometimes the wrong keystroke, provides the perfect effect. You may want to give it a try!

Happy Quilting!