Have you heard of Cotton Cuts? Cotton Cuts is an online quilt shop that sells patterns, fabrics, threads, and memberships. Yup – memberships. You pick your membership, which could be a thread of the month, gnome of the month (those adorable little creatures), puzzle mystery quilt, or a fabric collection of the month. The Puzzle Mystery Quilt membership is very convenient as they do all the cutting for you!! Isn’t that just sweet.

The fabric of the month collections vary based on you taste. Some of the collections include thread, fabric and even blocks of the month. The Classic and Modern Maker memberships allow you to pick a pattern from the designer of the month. That is where I enter the stage.  I was so excited to get the call that Cotton Cuts wanted to feature me in January 2023! If you would like to read the interview or find out which of my patterns are available, here is a link.

Happy Quilting!