Month: October 2021

Femme Fatale

There are many femme fatale in history, like Mata Hari, Lucrezia Borgia, Salome, Delilah…. They all have these things in common – beauty and a seductive power that men can’t resist, which usually leads to their destruction. Mata Hari was a spy in World War I. Lucrezia Borgia helped her family gain power in Italy […]

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Age of Aquarius

Time for a little geekiness about astrology, mythology, anthropology, and music. How can all of these be tied together? Through Aquarius, of course. It is amazing what you can learn when you play with an encyclopedia. Most people are probably familiar with Aquarius through astrology. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and mythology. […]

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Ladies Tea

Has anyone guessed what my favorite hot beverage is? That’s right – TEA!!! In particular, I like black tea with a hint of sugar in it. It’s occasionally acceptable additional flavors added to it – like almond, vanilla, mint, or cinnamon. I don’t like them terribly bitter or fruity. Every so often, I will sample […]

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Block Spotlight – Stripes Bordered Inside 4

This month, Jenny from EQ8 picked a sashing block for the spotlight. That was a new challenge. I play with sashing blocks quite a bit, but making this one special was my challenge this month. The first debate between me, myself and I was whether to use it as a sash block as listed, or […]

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Star Struck

We are fortunate to live where the glare of city lights does not obscure our view of the stars at night too much. So when there is a cloudless night, I take advantage of the view and marvel at the sky above me, while waiting in the backyard for my dogs to finish their evening […]

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CuFe, what an odd name for a pattern. Is it from another language? If so, what does it mean? CuFe does come from another language that my geeky friends may recognize. It comes from the language of chemistry. Cu is for Copper and Fe is for Iron. Ok – why pick these two metals for […]

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Victory at Sea

I really enjoy the sea, whether sailing on it or watching it from shore. The sea is temperamental, which gives it personality. I have been on it during storms and calm, but prefer it somewhere in between. It may be a romantic notion to think of the sea to have a personality, but I am […]

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New Catalog – October 2021

We are so excited to have published our latest catalog. Catalog – October 2021 The catalog contains a few old favorites and dozens of new patterns! Not to worry, many of of our older patterns are still available on our website. We just decided to prioritize and send the latest and greatest to you.  We […]

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Sweet Tea

For a few years, I lived in South Carolina. While I was there, I developed a fondness for two things: Sweet Tea and Southern Magnolias. Southern magnolias are statuesque evergreens that bloom from spring through fall. The giant, creamy blooms stand out against the glossy green leaves, and they smell so sweet. Since they are […]

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The Truth About Free Patterns

Quilters and other crafters are always looking for a bargain. It is one of the reasons we collect fabric, use coupons, and wait for sales. We love to get a good deal. This search for a good deal even extends to patterns. Quilters scour the internet and Facebook to find a “free pattern.” Or we […]

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