Do you struggle with sewing oblong diamonds together? These quilts are so pretty, but the seams can be daunting. I know, because I am in the midst of making one!

It never fails that you try to align your seams and they get wonky. They are hard to line up to make pretty points.

There are a few secrets to make your sewing a little less frustrating.

  1. Remember that diamonds are on-point layouts. The rows are sewn diagonally – not up and down or side to side.
  2. You are not making 8-point stars. If the points line up, you have them backward. The points should be offset!
  3. Understand that matching seams doesn’t work the same way you are used to. If you offset by approximately 1/8″, you will have much better luck. This offset ensures the seams will meet. (See figure)
  4. Tack the seam at intersections before sewing an entire seam. This ensures the seams are properly aligned.
  5. If your seams are off a smidge, don’t pull out the seam ripper yet. Pinch the seam to see if moving the seam a few thread out will make a better match. If so, just sew a second seam just outside the first one.
  6. If pinching doesn’t work, maybe letting it out a little will work. In this case, sew a second seam inside the first one. Then, remove the original seam.
  7. Use Templates. If you are using templates, don’t forget to trim the ends appropriately. Those marks help align the pieces. The point marks where you seam should go.

Happy Quilting!