Wild Irish Rose



Finished Size: 91” x 91”

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Introduction: Wild Irish Rose is a perfect quilt for someone who likes all things Irish or is a fan of old musicals! It blends the traditional Irish Chain motif with a Rosebud block to make a Wild Irish Rose.  Alternate sizes and layouts are provided in the pattern.

Fabric Requirements for Hoffman’s “Happy Fields” collection:

SKU Yards SKU Yards
V2519-694 Wild Flower 1 1/4 V2519-98 Moss 2/3
V2511-183 Glacier 1 1/2 1895-493 Pink Lemonade 2/3
885-140 Petal * 2 3/4 885-88 Boysenberry 1
884-576 Petit Four 1 2/3 V2510-694 Wild Flower 2 5/8
Backing                                          9 Batting                                   101” x 101”

* Includes binding

Recommended Notions: None

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