Energy?? Are you looking for more?? I am always looking for more energy… Sometimes to get that energy, we just have to slow down and breathe. At least that is what my yoga instructors always told me.

Maybe this little runner (or throw) is just the ticket to slow down and enjoy. It has seven blocks – tackle one a day. Make it your personal retreat for a week. While you work on it, meditate, pray, think positive thoughts, re-energize.

Runner: 18” x 72”

Throw: 65” x 83”

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Introduction: A colorful sampler of blocks that plugs into your creative energy. Colors correspond to your Chakras or energy centers!

Fabric Requirements for Anthology “Etch”                 

  Runner Throw   Runner Throw
895Q-28 Chrome * 2/3 1 1/4 895Q-6 Pear 1/8 1/3
895Q-27 Confetti 1/2 1 1/8 895Q-5 Basil 1/8 1/4
895Q-15 Midnight 1/4 1 1/8 895Q-7 Poseidon 1/4 1/2
895Q-26 Whisper 5/8 2 1/4 895Q-8 Seafoam 1/8 1/3
895Q-1 Ruby 1/8 1/4 895Q-10 Atlantis 1/8 1/4
895Q-2 Candy FE 1/4 895Q-9 Navy FE 1/4
895Q-3 Carrot 1/8 1/4 895Q-11 Violet 1/4 2/3
895Q-24 Butterscotch FE 1/4 895Q-12 Boysenberry 1/8 1/4
895Q-4 Mellow FE 1/4 895Q-14 Taffy 1/8 1/4
Runner Backing             1 1/2 Quilt Backing     5 1/2
Batting                            27” x 82” Quilt Batting    75” x 94”

*Includes Binding

Notions: Creative Grids Cat’s Cradle Tool Ruler (optional)

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