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In my previous life, I spent a lot of time traveling from work site to work site. It is not nearly as glamourous as it sounds. Most of what I experienced was in an airport, hotel or in the car leading from one place to another.

It wasn’t all bad. I did get to see some beautiful places along the highways in the US and elsewhere. Native landscapes always fascinated me on these trips. I especially like the flowers. I am sure this doesn’t surprise anyone who follows my work!

Desert flowers, aka, succulents can be quite adorable, even if they can be a bit prickly. These succulents were the inspiration for the Cactus Rose pattern. The foundation piecing mirrored the radial symmetry of these flowers.

This version features Timeless Treasure’s Tonga Windsong Collection.

Finished Size: 63” x 63”

Skill Level: Intermediate

Introduction: This foundation pieced beauty will be the focal point of your room. The sharp points are reminiscent of rare cactus flowers.

 Fabric Requirements for Timeless Treasures “Windsong” Collection:

SKU Yards SKU Yards
Tonga-B8557 Harmony 3 1/4 Tonga-B4922 Fawn 1/2
Tonga-B1202 Gardenia 1 3/4 Tonga-B7910 Windsong 1/4
Tonga-B1952 Rust 3/4 Tonga-B8825 Earth 1/4
Tonga-B8214 Ash 1/2 Tonga-B1942 Breeze 1/3
Tonga-B8740 Clay 3/8 Tonga-B1951 Siena 1/3
Tonga-B7892 Truffle 3/4 Tonga-B1955 Ginger 1/8
Tonga-B2726 Spruce 2 Tonga-B1956 Moss 1/4
Tonga-B1770 Peace 1 1/4 Tonga-B1763 Sunrise 1/4
Tonga-B4363 Copper 1 1/2 Tonga-B8182 Lake * 2/3
Batting                        73” x 73” Backing (crosswise) 4 yd


* Includes binding

Notions: Foundation paper or freezer paper

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