Month: February 2021

Lost and Found

Have you every taken a cruise? If you have, or have seen pictures of one, you may have noticed how the sea or ocean water changes colors according to depth and warmth of the water. When in shallow warm waters, the sea takes on an aquamarine almost turquoise color that invites to jump in and […]

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Cats and Mice

The second block of the Kitty in the Middle Quilt is Cats and Mice. It was originally published in 1897 by Ladies Art Company for two fabric colors. We changed the color scheme to add two more colors, which really changes the look. The block is comprised of squares, triangles and quarter square triangles. Today, […]

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My Design Board Saved the Day!

I was sewing the first block of my Kitty in the Middle Quilt – Puss in the Corner. There are several versions of this block most of which are based upon a nine patch. I am not sure if the name of puss or kitty relates to a cat’s nine lives, but it seems to […]

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Color Me Happy

While frigid temperatures, snow and ice grip the country, I am thinking of warm summer days and picnics. Why? Because of this beautiful quilt pattern that transports me to the scenes of a BBC period movie, where the the characters are sitting on a large quilt enjoying a basket of goodies, a bottle of wine, […]

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Calculating Binding and Backing Materials

You just finished a quilt top and are elated! Then, you realize you need to find a backing material because it didn’t come with the kit you bought. Then, you have to bind it…. Shopping for the material will be fun if you don’t have enough in your stash. Then, again maybe you do but […]

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Fanning the Flames of Love

February seems to be all about spreading love to our special someone as well as to others around us. The symbol of that love is often a heart. In keeping with this theme, EQ8 used the Striped Heart as this month’s spotlight. To be honest, it isn’t my favorite heart block (I am a bit […]

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Take the Fear out of Trimming

We are used to trimming each block, unit, or row after sewing it together. That step usually makes us feel good as it helps the next step go more smoothly – thing fit nicely. However, it is the last step in most quilt patterns, “Trim the quilt to…” that gives me the jitters. I just […]

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Make Me Wise – Do I Starch or Size?

Some quilters start their projects by washing all of the starch and sizing out of the fabric. Others start their projects by starching their pieces. Should I starch or size? When do I use which and why? HELP! Starch and sizing can be a quilters friend, or a quilters enemy depending upon when and where […]

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Yesterday, I went to my longarm to attach Snowflake Whimsy and continue quilting. When I arrived, the quilt was on the floor rather than across the stretcher bars where I left it… No matter, it must have been one of the pets… I didn’t think much about it until after I had the quilt pinned […]

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Love the Pattern, But Not the Fabric?

We have all been there. Love the fabric but can’t find a pattern you like for it. Love the pattern, but not the fabric the designer chose for it. Believe it or not, the second quandary is not so hard to fix. The reason you may like the pattern is the movement, the design, the […]

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