Month: January 2021

Fuzzy Friends

When my kids were young, one of our favorite places to go was the Columbus Zoo. We would go once a week or more just to get some exercise and fresh air. Ok, sometimes it wasn’t that fresh… The boys loved seeing the animals. One of their favorites as Coco the Asian elephant. Coco was […]

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Jungle Flora

Have you ever wanted to escape to a tropical paradise? Take a walk amongst the philodendron, palms, or bird of paradise on your way to cool waterfall? I have been fortunate to visit a few tropical locations with their own unique jungles – Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the Marshall Islands. What always strikes me is […]

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One Scoop or Two?

I love ice cream, sherbet, sorbet, and especially gelato… As a kid, we looked forward to our special trips to Baskin Robbins or Friendly’s. For some reason, the ice cream always tasted better at a shop than from our freezer. I had no idea how scrumptious freshly made ice cream was until I was an […]

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Listen to Your Machine

How often do you listen to your sewing machine? I know many of us talk to our sewing machines (or curse at them), but we don’t expect them to talk back. Machines are getting smarter, but hopefully they aren’t that smart. Regardless of whether you talk to your machine or not, it can tell you […]

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Applique Apprehension

Applique intimidated me. Plain and simple… I just didn’t know if I had the patience or skill to do applique and be happy with what I did. That is saying something as I had been doing needlework in the form of embroidery, cross stitch and crochet since I was seven. I would tackle anything… except […]

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Snowflake Whimsy

Snowflake Whimsy is underway! I am having so much fun putting this together and want to share what I have accomplished so far.  The first step was washing all of the fabric. Why wash them? There are two very good reasons. The first reason is that fabrics have a little bit of sizing in them […]

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Western Spy

This week EQ8 announced another block challenge – Western Spy. Think eight-point star meets wreath. Designing with this was fun… piecing it would be a different challenge: y-seams galore! When I saw this block, two totally different ideas came to my brain – two complementary blocks vs medallion. I am not good at choosing, so […]

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Kitty in the Middle Fabrics!

Les Chat Noir (the black cats) fabric from Dear Stella has arrived in shops! I was so excited to get my fabrics. As a designer, I see the pictures of the fabrics before they are released, but they always look so much better in person! The little kitty faces (LW1170 White), silhouettes (LW1769 Black), and […]

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A Whimsical Year

I have decided to have some fun in 2021 – I am introducing my Whimsy line of patterns. The patterns will have a central theme of checkboard medallion and border, which were inspired by Mackenzie-Childs designs. The quilts will have fusible appliques associated with the them of the quilt, which makes them great for using […]

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Sweet Treat

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! This was one of my favorite chants as a kid. My parents would load us up in the car on a Sunday afternoon and drive to the local ice cream stand. I say local, it was about 5 miles away, which is local when you […]

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