I love ice cream, sherbet, sorbet, and especially gelato… As a kid, we looked forward to our special trips to Baskin Robbins or Friendly’s. For some reason, the ice cream always tasted better at a shop than from our freezer. I had no idea how scrumptious freshly made ice cream was until I was an adult, because no one we knew had an ice cream churn (now known as an ice cream maker). Once I discovered freshly churned ice cream, I was in ice cream heaven. Now, of course, I have discovered no churn ice cream – all the taste, with none of the work. So far Marsha’s Baking Addition has some of the BEST recipes.

So what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Mine changes depending upon my mood. Sometimes, it is black raspberry, or mint chocolate chip. At holiday time it is peppermint stick. Are you seeing a relationship between my favorite flavors and this Ice Cream Churn Quilt? Maybe just a little 🙂

This quilt has ten delicious ice cream cones made with foundation piecing. If you haven’t tried foundation piecing before, this is a great appetizer because the pieces are so simple. Just be careful, you may get addicted to foundation piecing, like me and ice cream. The quilt also has some traditional piecing – nine patch and two different churn dash blocks. Churns were a big part of life in early quilting, so there are several different churn blocks. The blocks mixed with the nine patch remind me of pinwheels, while the blocks in the middle row remind me of ribbons. So this quilt pulls on many of my favorite memories of ice cream on hot Sunday afternoons after church….. You get the picture.

Hopefully, you will join me in bringing back a little of your childhood and make this quilt with me. The pattern is available in my shop, and the fabric will be shipping soon from Dear Stella!

Happy Quilting!