When my kids were young, one of our favorite places to go was the Columbus Zoo. We would go once a week or more just to get some exercise and fresh air. Ok, sometimes it wasn’t that fresh… The boys loved seeing the animals. One of their favorites as Coco the Asian elephant. Coco was infamous for throwing things. His favorite was throwing dung at zoo vehicles. His aim was quite accurate!

As the boys grew up, we tried visit zoos wherever we went, Disney World, San Diego, Toronto, Washington, D.C., etc. Most of these places tried to make the environment as homey as they could for the animals. And they make it as entertaining as they can for the kids. I appreciate all of the efforts zoos do to keep preserve endangered species from going extinct. The boys and I loved watching the animals.

If you have little ones that enjoy animals as much as my boys did, this may be just the pattern for you. Each of the blocks is 16 inches square. So you can use just one of your favorites for a pillow, or make multiples of each for a larger quilt. Foundation piecing helps this come together quickly and easily.

Dear Stella is due to release the fabrics in February, but they may be delayed a bit due to COVID’s affect on shipping.

Happy Quilting!


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