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Santa’s Tree Lot

I just finished piecing Santa’s Tree Lot! If I plan it right, I might get it quilted in time for the holidays. Because there were corrections to the pattern, I strongly encourage people to either view my pattern correction page or email me to get a current downloadable version of the pattern. I have also […]

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Lattice of Avalon

Here is a pop quiz for my readers who also love the Arthurian legend. Where was King Arthur’s castle? What was the name of King Arthur’s sword? How did King Arthur get that sword? Where was that sword made? Who reigned over the place where the sword was made? The answers to these questions depend […]

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Garden Steps

Every so often, you find a project that has you step outside your comfort zone. When you take that step, you grow as an artist and a person. Garden Steps has been one of those projects for me from beginning to end. At the start, Northcott had just signed an agreement with Frond Design Studios […]

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Creature Craft

As with most young people, my sons love their video games. In their 20’s, they still play Minecraft, which apparently is quite normal. It is like digital Legos and who doesn’t like to play with Legos? The staying power of a well-crafted game, like Minecraft shouldn’t surprise me. Some of the games from my younger […]

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Block Spotlight – Star Wheel

Every month, I look forward to the EQ8 block spotlight. Jenny picks blocks I probably would not have thought to use within a quilt. So, it stretches my imagination and gets me out of my comfort zone. Many of these become quilts I want to make. This month the block spotlight is on the Star […]

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Large prints are so beautiful, but how do you use them in quilt other than as a panel?  That was the challenge when I saw the gorgeous Luminosity collection from Northcott. I wanted to highlight the magnificent large print and design something a little different. I needed something with large pieces, like a large wheel, […]

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Plaid Picnic

When fall comes around, I want to pull out my turtleneck sweaters and plaid jackets. I know it sound a little old fashioned, but I love my plaid in the fall.  Maybe it is a bit of my heritage shining through. Or maybe I just like the look of beautiful colors woven together to make […]

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Star Light, Star Bright

“Star light, star bright, The first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight.” I am sure we have all recited this nursery rhyme at least once if you have seen a falling star, which is actually a meteor . Each year we have multiple […]

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Silence is Golden

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” – Plato   I will claim to be neither wise nor foolish. My silence is because I have been very busy developing some new things to share! First, we have several new patterns about to be published. They are […]

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Sometimes, fabric really does speak to me.  Northcott’s “Cat Tales” Collection were some of these fabrics. The large repeating Library Cat Shelves fabric needed its own space to shine, like a cat sprawling on a sunlit patch of carpet. So large blocks were created for this fabric. The complimentary fabrics needed to have some fun. […]

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