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Indian Corn Craze

My youngest son loves puns and this one of those occasions when it is perfect for this quilt. There are several corny puns. One of my favorite is… “In the corn maze, I felt like I was being stalked. It was earie.” Why does this one come to mind? Corn mazes were one of our […]

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Chilly Corner

When fall arrives, leaves fall and reveal woodland creatures. We love to watch these creatures from the warmth of our homes. We bundle in plaid to stay warm, while the snow falls. These are the images brought to my mind when I first saw Dear Stella’s License to Chill fabric. These fabrics are the center […]

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Fall Festival

Fall is one of my favorite times of year.  I know strange to talk about fall in spring. Spring is when trees and flowers burst into color. Green, pink, yellow, purple, and blue abound. In fall, these colors are inverse as the leaves change and other flowers bloom. Foliage changes to red, orange, yellow, and […]

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Creature Craft

As with most young people, my sons love their video games. In their 20’s, they still play Minecraft, which apparently is quite normal. It is like digital Legos and who doesn’t like to play with Legos? The staying power of a well-crafted game, like Minecraft shouldn’t surprise me. Some of the games from my younger […]

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Warning: I brake for turtles! Honestly, I do. I stop to save box turtles and other critters from the road. The thought of one of those little creatures getting hit by a car leaves a pit in my stomach, Yes, I am a softy, but I draw the line at snapping turtles. They are not […]

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Sometimes, fabric really does speak to me.  Northcott’s “Cat Tales” Collection were some of these fabrics. The large repeating Library Cat Shelves fabric needed its own space to shine, like a cat sprawling on a sunlit patch of carpet. So large blocks were created for this fabric. The complimentary fabrics needed to have some fun. […]

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