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Indian Corn Craze

My youngest son loves puns and this one of those occasions when it is perfect for this quilt. There are several corny puns. One of my favorite is… “In the corn maze, I felt like I was being stalked. It was earie.” Why does this one come to mind? Corn mazes were one of our favorite things to do when they kids were little. The boys loved to run ahead to try to find their way out. They always viewed it as a race. It was the highlight of our fall at the local pumpkin farm.

That pumpkin farm grew amazing pumpkins, Christmas trees and Indian Corn. Indian Corn is also known as flint corn. These multicolor kernels last longer than sweet corn, which is why it is used for decorations.

These multicolor kernels are the inspiration of for the pattern Indian Corn Craze. This pattern uses simple strip piecing and chain piecing, so it is a great quilt for beginners. The pattern features Hoffman’s Sweater Weather. These beautiful batiks make a full-sized quilt perfect for fall.

Indian Corn Craze is available for retail and wholesale in our shop.

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