Star Gazing – Copyright Tourmaline & Thyme Quilts 2021

Do you look up into the night sky and gaze at the constellations? Can you find Orion, the Big Dipper, and the Little Dipper? Have you see the morning star also known as Venus? I like learning about the constellations and the beautiful stories that also accompany them.

Maybe the fox in this quilt is looking for his constellation – Vulpecula or the little fox. This constellation is a relatively new constellation, named in the 17th century by Johannes Hevelius, the renowned Polish astronomer.

Or maybe the fox is looking for the meaning of his name? I found a fascinating website that discusses how foxes relate to other words in our language (Vulpecula – Constellations of Words). According to this site, the Irish word for fox is sionnach. So when  Irish say sionnachuighim or “I play the fox,” they could also be saying shenanigans.

Maybe you should try shenanigans and make Star Gazing? This 50-inch square quilt has an appliqued center and a traditionally pieced border. The fabulous fabrics used for this quilt come from Dear Stella’s Starstuff collection. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Quilting