Travertine Tiles



Finished Size: 65” x 80”

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Introduction: Ten-inch precut tiles are perfect for this throw. Tiles are surrounded by an on-point frame. Use the frame colors specified or pick your favorites.

Fabric Requirements for Timeless Treasure’s “Alabaster” collection:

SKU Yards SKU Yards
Tonga-B1040 Cotton, B1503 Cloud, B1503 Ivory, B1957 Dove, B1957 Pearl, B2020 Cream, B2020 Jasmin, B2022 Shell, B2184 Antique, B2336 Atrium, B2336 Magnolia, B3793 Linen, B7904 Foam, B7909 Sattin, B8182 Lace, B8182 Latte, B8545 Hero, B8746 Alabaster, B8746 Bone, and B8826 Stone 20 Tiles or 1 FQ each Tonga B7900 Escape * 1 1/2
Tonga B7900 Parchment 1 1/4
Tonga B7900 Chrome 2 1/2
Tonga B7900 Island 1/2
Backing 5
Batting 75” x 90”

* Includes binding

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