Skipping Stones



Finished Size: 67” x 82”

Skill Level: Intermediate

Introduction: A little off-center, just like skipping stones off a pond. This spin on chain blocks and diamonds in squares will have you smiling at the ripple effect.

Fabric for Hoffman Fabric’s Brilliant Gems Collection:

SKU Yards SKU Yards
V2531-358 Vegas * 1 3/4 V2529-170 Meadow 1/3
V2536-473 Basil 1 1/4 V2531-216 Black Jade 1/8
V2530-536 Aquarius 3/4 885-437 Pansy 3/4
V2531-211 Green Tea 1/4 884-536 Aquarius 2/3
V2541-438 Crocus 1/2 885-532 Aurora 3 1/3
V2534-358 Vegas 1/4
Batting                        77” x 92” Backing                                5 1/2 yd

* Binding

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