Rosetta Star



Finished Size: 91” x 91”

Skill Level: Intermediate

Introduction:  Ohio Stars fill this quilt in a unique setting.

Fabric Requirements for Timeless Treasure’s “Vintage Rose” collection:

SKU Yards SKU Yards
Rose-CD2203 Multi 3 1/2 Rose-CD2204 Cream 1/4
Script-CD2210 Black 2 3/4 Rose-CD2206 Black 1/3
Rose-CD2208 Cream 3 Rose-CD2204 Black 2
Rose-CD2207 Black 1 Rose-CD2201 Cream 1
Rose-CD2205 Red 1/2 Script-CD2210 Cream 1/4
Rose-CD2209 Green 2/3
Backing 9 Batting                          101” x 101”

* Includes binding

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