Classical Jazz


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Do you like Classical Jazz music? I do. I like the emotion behind it. Classical Jazz can be moody or happy. There are underlying themes in the music with solo spots woven into it.

Those were some of the thoughts running through my head, when Northcott sent me Rhapsody in Blue. They added another challenge to the fabric – precuts.

So, I combined chains (woven theme) with stars (solo spots) and sized it for 2 1/2-inch Strips!

Jazz is easy on the ears and relaxing. I wanted the pattern to be easy on you. The pattern has no Y-seams, so don’t be intimidated.

Finished Size: 73” x 73”

Skill Level: Intermediate

Introduction: Are you looking for a new way to use strip packs?  This combination of stars and chains may be just the thing. FYI – There are no Y-seams!

Fabric Requirements for Northcott’s Rhapsody in Blue Collection:

Dark Colorway Dark Colorway Light Colorway
SRHAPS40-10 (Strip Roll) 1 Pack 1 Pack
27071-42 1 3/4 yard
27074-74 1 3/4 yard
27073-10 1/4 yard 1/4 yard
27072-74 3/8 yard
27074-84 * 1 1/2 yard 1 1/2 yard
DP27069-44 1 1/4 yard 1 1/4 yard
Backing   5 yard Batting        83” x 83”

* Binding

Notions needed: None.

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