Minor Accents

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Make the most of your cute fabric collections. This pattern uses lovely large blocks with color accents to make them pop!

Finished Size: 43” x 52”

Skill Level: Beginner

Introduction: Make this charming quilt with pseudo scrappy squares. A consistent sash gives it a bit of structure.

 Fabric Requirements for Dear Stella’s “Alphabet Soup” Collection:

SKU Yards SKU Yards
D2881 Canal, D2882 White, D2885 Gold, D2888 Lettuce, D2887 Pink, D2892 Meadow, D2889 White, D2891 Spruce, D2886 White, and D2890 Cornsilk Fat Eighth 1150 Marshmallow 1/3
D2857 Licorice * 2/3
Stella-D2889 Fog, D2857 Norse, D2883 Dresden and D2857 Iron 1/2
D2857 Sap and D2857 Freesia 1/4
D2857 Begonia 1/8
Batting                        53” x 62” Backing 3 yd

* Includes binding

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