Line of Storms



When visiting the desert, I have always been surprised by how quickly the storms erupt. As the skies change rapidly, the colors of the desert intensify.

The colors in the McKenna’s Sea Salt collection for Hoffman reminded me of the desert. So, I modifed the shape of the traditional block, Storm at Sea, to reflect the shortened time frame. These shorter blocks were placed in a line, much like the storms form a line across the mesa.

The gradient fabric was echoed in the coloring of the blocks. This mirrors the color strata often seen in the desert arroyos and mesas.

Paper templates are included in the pattern to simplify piecing.

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Finished Size: 50” x 65”

Skill Level: Intermediate

Introduction: Fussy cutting gradient fabrics makes this fun quilt.

Fabric for Hoffman Fabric’s McKenna Ryan Sea Salt Collection:

SKU Yards SKU Yards
MRD46-151 Sunset 1 1/4 885-370 Acapulco 1/4
MRD42-61 Turquoise 1 2/3 1895-480 Creamsicle 1/4
MRD40-59 Coral 1 1/4 885-692 Ocean Aquatic 1
MRD43-59 Coral 3/4 1895-709 Aquarium 2/3
1895-579 Augusta 1/4
Batting                   60” x 72” Backing                                4 1/2 yd

* Binding

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