Femme Fatale



I love the smell of roses, so have nurtured them everywhere I have lived. Roses are the true Femme Fatale, like this quilt, the blooms are beautiful, but the thorns get you every time! Femme Fatale was designed to frame these beautiful roses without the danger of thorns. These beautiful botanicals are part of the Jardin Collection from Timeless Treasures.

Finished Size: 78” x 78”

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Introduction: Rosy pink paired with grey make for a stunning quilt.

Fabric Requirements for Timeless Treasure’s “Jardin”                                      

Rose-CD2561 Cream 3/4 yd Rose-CD2567 Taupe 1/3 yd
Rose-CD2563 Pink 2/3 yd Rose-CD2563 Grey 2/3 yd
Rose-CD2568 Pink 1/2 yd Texture-CD2570 Pink 1/3 yd
Texture-CD2570 Rose 1/2 yd Rose-CD2565 Pink 3/4 yd
Rose-CD2564 Cream 1 1/4 yd Rose-CD2562 Cream 2 yd
Rose-CD2568 Green 1 1/4 yd
Batting                           88” x 88” Backing 7 ½ yd


* Binding

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