Egg Toss



Sometimes simple pleasures are the best. When we were kids, some of the simplest games of hide and seek and tic-tac-toe were best. We could do these almost anywhere.

Then, there were simple games that were played at special times. One of those was Egg Toss. Egg Toss was a favorite when we were in college. It was the delicate balance between aim and strength. Toss it hard enough to get it to your partner. But throw it soft enough so that it didn’t break.

This quilt pattern is like that balance. Enough complexity to make it interesting. But simple enough so it is a joy to make.

The pattern features Timeless Treasure’s Spring Chicken collection, which just seems appropriate!

Finished Size: 61” x 76”

Skill Level: Beginner

Introduction: Strip Piecing makes this playful quilt.

Fabric Requirements for Timeless Treasure’s Spring Chicken Collection

SKU Yard SKU Yard
Farm-CD2745 Cream 1 1/8 Mingle-CD2160 Wine 1/8
Farm-CD2745 Black * 1 1/2 Mingle-CD2160 Ruby 1/8
Farm-CD2742 Cream 1 Mingle-CD2160 Orange 1/8
Farm-CD2743 Black 1 1/8 Fleur-CD2746 Yellow 1/4
Backing                               5 yds Batting                                71 x 86”

* Binding included

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
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