Darting Rainbows



Have you ever noticed how birds come out after a rainstorm, almost at the same time as rainbows are forming?? The other day, I was watching some of these birds dance through the skies, swirling and whirling. I think they were swallows swarming a nearby field. This crazy dance they do is called Murmuration. They are quite noisy while create this aerial display. This phenomenon was in my mind when I came across the simple darting birds block.

I was able to pair this idea with my latest challenge to play with a prism of fabrics – Timeless Treasure’s Tonga Brightside.  I love the combination it created for Darting Rainbows!

Finished Size: 69” x 85”

Skill Level: Beginner

Introduction: Repeating blocks in various colors are arranged to create the burst effect.

Fabric Requirements for Timeless Treasure’s Tonga Brightside Collection

SKU Yard SKU Yard
B7900 Tissue 4 1/2 B2722 Pool, B2709 Ocean, B2708 Velvet, B7128 Yellow, B2735 Lime, B1754 Neon, B8915 Blue, B2734 Kiwi, B2740 Red, and B2734 Orange 1/4
B2707 Grape * 7/8 B2706 Purple, B2733 Green, B2707 Royal, B7125 Pink, B2704 Berry, B2705 Lilac, B2739 Tomato, B2737 Mango, and B2736 Sun 1/3
Backing               6 yds Batting                                79” x 95”

* Binding included


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