Age of Aquarius

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Finished Size: 89” x 89”

Skill Level: Beginner

Introduction: Reminiscent of Around the World quilts. This easy to piece quilt is perfect for beginners who want a quilt with a wow factor!

Fabric Requirements for Dear Stella’s “Aquarius”:                                                          

SKU   1150 Endive 1 yd
DJL2044 Multi ½ yd + ¾ yd binding DJL2048 Multi 1 yd
DJL2050 Multi 1 ½ yd DJL2049 Multi 1 yd
DJL2043 White 1 yd DJL2042 Multi 1 yd
1150 Apricot 1 yd DJL2045 Multi 1 yd
DJL2041 Multi 1 yd DJL2046 Multi ¾ yd
1150 Marlin ½ yd Backing 2 ¾ yd  (108”) or 8 ¼ yd (40”)
DJL2047 Multi ¾ yd Batting                   99” x 99”

Notions Needed: None



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