Do you remember simple toys  and times when you were a kid? The times when punishment was being sent to your room? You had to come inside by dusk. You and your friends took hikes in the nearby woods or park and built forts from fallen limbs. A bike ride around the neighborhood or a swim in the local pool or pond was great fun and good exercise.  Your parents could find you in a neighbor’s yard playing hide and seek or kick ball. They didn’t need to track you by cell phone, they knew where to find you and you knew to coming running when they called. Rainy days meant time inside with craft projects, blocks, board games, and books. You remember books, the ones with paper!

This quilt pattern uses Timeless Treasure’s “Let’s Play” fabric collection, which highlights those simpler play times of dolls, stuffed animals, paper dolls, blocks, balls, and bikes? Nothing with batteries or screens. The appliques on this quilt also capture that nostalgia of kittens, puppies, horses and duckies. It brings back the iconic Sam and Sue which adorned many quilts of the early 1900s.

This quilt can be made to look more traditional with needle turn applique.  You can use machine applique for a more polished look. Or you can use fusible applique for a quick and easy project! The 9-inch blocks make it easy to add or subtract blocks to adjust the quilt to the size you want. Any way you choose to make it, the quilt will be a pretty reminder of yesteryear.

The pattern is available in our shop. Some of our favorite fabric shops will be carrying kits soon!

Happy Quilting!