Have you ever spent a day stitching and have your wrist ache the next day? Well, that was me when I started embellishing Snowflake Whimsy. After two solid days of gripping the quilt in my left hand while stabbing the needle through with my right hand, my left wrist was so sore. I know better. Safety used to be my profession! This was definitely an ergonomic situation that I needed to rectify, if I planned to finish this on time without a visit to the doctor. I am not fond of going to the doctor in the first place, and right now I really want to avoid crowds and sick people – no offense to any of my readers. I am sure after my second vaccination, my bravery will be boosted and I will venture out a bit more. Even then, the doctor’s office is a place I will try to avoid.

What was the cause of the ache? Simply gripping for long periods of time. That gripping can lead to longer term issues, like carpel tunnel syndrome. Another thing I want to avoid.

How to fix it? Put the quilt on a rack/frame to work on it. But what frame? Of course, the one that I bought 10 years ago that was still sitting in the box, unopened, in the closet. Ok, I know I am not the only quilter who has done this. Raise your hand if you have NEVER bought a craft item you thought you would use and then not use it… It is the stereotype of quilters. We do it with fabric and with gadgets. I digress yet again as I have not had my morning tea.

The frame came out of the box and was rapidly assembled by my hubby, my silent partner in my quilting adventure. He is always there to help me out of whatever mess I find myself in. The frame was the perfect size for the quilt! The Q-snaps keep the quilt taut enough that I can stage my beads and threads on it without having to chase them around the table. Granted, Fergus occasionally puts his nose under it and then I have beads skittering to the floor. We are working on the issue still…. When I get to the edges, I may need to improvise with some clamps as the q-snaps may ruin the beading, but I will figure that out when I get there in a few days.

I can tell you that the quilt frame has been a smashing success. My wrist no longer aches and I can embellish all day, which I need to do to make my looming deadlines! Of course, now my neck is a little sore from looking down all day, but again, my awesome hubby came to the rescue. He gives great neck massages.

Do you embellish your quilts? If so, what have you found to make your life easier? Please share in the comments.

Happy Quilting!