Pretty quilt right? But what is with the name Morpho? Good question. Morpho is not a plug for the Matrix or a nod to the god of sleep. That is Morpheus. Morpho means “changed” and in this case refers to butterflies. It could relate to the change butterflies undergo during their lifetime from generally ugly and dangerous caterpillars to beautiful winged creatures.

It also related to a specific type of butterfly – Blue Morpho. Blue Morpho butterflies are iridescent because light is reflected off the tiny scales on their wings. One side of their wings are spectacularly blue, while the other side is brown with eyespots. Quite a difference in appearance from wings up to wings down. These amazing large butterflies are fun to watch as they drunkenly move from flower to flower.

Of course, my butterflies needed a place to roam, so I created this butterfly iris garden in the round for them. The irises are statuesque and stem from a central flower like a daisy. The garden is hedged with beautiful sashing, which mimics the scales of the Morpho.

Lots of symbolism.  Did I plan for all of this symbolism…. not really. I designed what I thought was pretty and found meaning in it afterward as I was trying to name it. Sounds like some literature or art history exercises. Did the author/artist really mean for the symbolism or do we just need to find a deeper meaning in everything. The deeper meaning often exists in my quilts, but in this one, it came after the fact. It wasn’t planned.

Of course, what makes this quilt so beautiful are the Hoffman Bold and Bright fabrics. These fabrics play so well together in my garden. The minute I saw the collection, I knew where to use it.

Morpho is appliqued. As with all my applique patterns, pick the method that works best for you. Because of the sharp points and unique curves on this one, I am fusing it. Morpho is 52″ square when finished, so is a large wall quilt or table topper. If inspired, I may even design some complimentary borders for this to make it the centerpiece for a larger quilt. Thoughts?

The pattern is currently available in our shop for retail and wholesale from our shop.

Happy Quilting!