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I apologize to all of my followers for the barrage of new items being added to the website today! There is a reason…. All of these patterns are in production and will probably be released in the next few weeks. So why am I putting this information out there now?? Our website is about to […]

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Nine Patch Perfected

The Nine Patch is a basic block that most quilters learn. It is the building block for lots of other blocks. It is pretty simple, which makes it a wonderful block to sharpen some of your skills. A few simple tips to try on your next Nine Patch may perfect your piecing. Measure The most […]

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Phew! I’ve Got the SKU

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. Yup – I had to look it up. Why should quilters even care about SKUs? Yes, we need them if we want to make a quilt exactly as designed. But what else does a SKU do? If you are shopkeeper, designer or suppliers, SKUs keep your world running smoothly. […]

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What’s in the Selvedge?

The selvedge, or finished edge, of your quilting fabric may be a little more special than you realize. Are you curious? If so, please read on. First, it helps to understand a little bit about how fabric created. Woven fabrics, like quilting fabric, are made on a loom. Threads are attached to and wound around […]

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Resizing Your Quilt – Part 2

You found a quilt pattern you adore, but it is the wrong size. Is it too small or too big? Is it traditional or foundation pieced? Does it have appliques? Is it a medallion? Does it have a few different blocks or one block? Does it have borders? Does it include fussy cut fabric? All […]

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Resizing Your Quilt – Part 1

In the past few years, I have had several requests to make my patterns for quilts larger. Some have asked for wall hangings to become throws, or throws to become full, or full to become king. So, I thought it may be a good time to talk about quilt sizes and how to get to […]

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Patriotic Charms

If you are on our subscription list, you may have received a few block patterns in our newsletter. We have a few more of those on their way to you. For those of you not on the mailing list yet, please sign up to receive the new block patterns. Previously released ones are available for […]

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Making Multiples

Making Skipping Stones was so much fun. Why? The large blocks were a blast to make from units that were made in multiples. What does that mean? Strip piecing was used to make Four Patch. Half Square Triangles (HST) were made two at a time. Flying Geese were made four at a time. Cat’s Cradle […]

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First Aid for Your Ironing Board

How often do you think about your ironing board? Honestly, I rarely think about mine, until there is an issue. I have had this particular ironing board for almost 40 years. I take it for granted…. Until something goes wrong.

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Quilters Unlimited 2023 Quilt Exhibit

I am always excited to see the work of other quilters. It is fun to see what colors, designs, and techniques interest them. With some, I stop to wonder what has inspired them. This week, my guild, Quilters Unlimited, is sharing their quilt exhibition online. The eleven chapters are displaying beautiful quilts made by members. […]

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