On Day 5 of the Bling Tree, I continued my trend of slightly larger buttons and more complicated embellishment. As you gain confidence, you get more adventurous.

I started with a slightly larger four-holed button using matching thread and secured the button. Then, using the same thread, I added four gold seed beads as I did on previous days. Once those were added, I brought the thread through one of the beads and added two more beads. Then, I brought the needle through the next existing seed bead. I continued three more times until there was a complete circle consisting of twelve gold seed beads. This was pretty, but the center was a little messy with the securing threads. So those were hidden with a larger mulberry bead. The thread was then knotted and buried in the batting.

Around the edge of the button, I added a circlet of gold seed beads. These were added two at a time. With each addition of two new beads, they were anchored to the two previous beads by passing the thread through all four beads. This method provides a smoother line of beads.

Once the circlet was added, it was enlarged with more gold seed beads, which were added with picot stitches. For the picot stitch, you put the needle through an existing bead. *Add three beads. Skip an existing bead and thread the needle through two more existing beads. Repeat from the * until this second row is complete. For those of you who crochet or knit, this will be familiar. I have shown this technique in a primer video.

I would love to see your ornaments. Post an image with #blingtree



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