Month: June 2023

Making Multiples

Making Skipping Stones was so much fun. Why? The large blocks were a blast to make from units that were made in multiples. What does that mean? Strip piecing was used to make Four Patch. Half Square Triangles (HST) were made two at a time. Flying Geese were made four at a time. Cat’s Cradle […]

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First Aid for Your Ironing Board

How often do you think about your ironing board? Honestly, I rarely think about mine, until there is an issue. I have had this particular ironing board for almost 40 years. I take it for granted…. Until something goes wrong.

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Quilters Unlimited 2023 Quilt Exhibit

I am always excited to see the work of other quilters. It is fun to see what colors, designs, and techniques interest them. With some, I stop to wonder what has inspired them. This week, my guild, Quilters Unlimited, is sharing their quilt exhibition online. The eleven chapters are displaying beautiful quilts made by members. […]

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Foundation Piecing and Freezer Paper

Foundation piecing or paper piecing is one of my favorite methods for making quilt tops. Why do I like it? Foundation piecing has two advantages over traditional piecing: Makes sharp points! Can be used to make unusual shapes. Examples of the sharp points are stars, compasses and other similar patterns. Some of my favorites are […]

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