This month, before COVID-19 became the only thing we all think about, I started making my Wild Irish Rose quilt. This quilt incorporates the Rosebud block by Aunt Martha series: The Quilt Fair Comes to You, ca. 1933 and a modification of the Irish Chain Quilt, Kansas City Star, December 13, 1944. There are 13 Irish Chain blocks and 12 Irish Rose blocks (5 x 5 blocks). This quilt can be made larger or smaller by adding or subtracting blocks in alternating pattern.

I decided to keep with the traditional Irish chain motif rather than venturing into other “Irish” blocks. Since the song Wild Irish Rose was made popular as a musical in the 1940s, it seemed appropriate to raise my spirits with a tribute to it. Here is the final quilt as I finished piecing it today. It is now sixth in line for my longarm (even longarm quilters have stack of tops to finish). If you are interested in the pattern, it is available on my Etsy store (

Happy Quilting!