First, I want to thank my daughter and granddaughter for being such great mask models!

In my post last week, I explained how to make a mask. The most important thank to remember is that if the materials are designated for human consumption or to be worn by humans, use it. If it isn’t, don’t. Some examples of do NOTs are furnace filters and vacuum bags.

Just as important as the mask materials is how to wear the mask. First and foremost, wear the mask fully over your nose and mouth as demonstrated by my darlings. Do not have the ask tucked under your nose.

If you have ties, adjust them to make the mask comfortable. Some people tie the bottom strap over the top of their head and the top strap behind their head. That way works best for my younger son and me. But, some find keeping the top strap on top works best. My eldest son prefers that method. Either method works as long as the mask covers your nose and mouth, but not your eyes. I know some yogis tell you to breathe through your eyelids, but we are not worried about that …

When you take the mask off for a few minutes, do not to put your hands on the inside of the mask. Your hands are more likely to touch the germs and transfer them to the inside of your mask.

At the end of the day, wash your mask if it is not disposable. The mask should be washed and dried in the hottest temperature allowed by the manufacturer. Also, change the filter if your filter is removable. The mask will collect germs, pollen, corona virus and other bugs. So, daily cleansing is very important.

Most importantly, the mask is not a substitute for social distancing. It provides an extra layer of protection when you are in public.

Please wear your mask properly and wash it after each use.

Happy Quilting