Thanks to my kids, I am entering the 21st century. In the past few days, they have taught me to produce my own videos and publish them not only to Facebook, but to YouTube as well. I am strictly a novice, but keep learning new tricks with each attempt.

Under their tutelage, I have had an effective introduction to Premier Pro in order to make videos that are a little fancier than Facebook Live. Actually, the program can do so much more, but I am not there yet. Once I overcame my fear of editing, it was actually fun! I learned to add pictures and graphics to my videos, which will be so helpful when developing teaching videos.

Of course, I was a little stumped when I tried to publish the first video and my youngest son came to the rescue. He showed me that I could publish my videos straight from Premier Pro to Facebook and YouTube. Talk about making my life easier!

So yes, I now have a YouTube channel as well. The first video has been posted – a trailer for Justice. I will be adding other videos for the Justice line, but the will only be accessible from the Facebook links (unlisted). In fact, we have already filmed two more segments, which are awaiting editing. I will also be adding other helpful hint videos as we film them.

During the course of taping, my son was reviewing one video take and exclaimed, “mom why is your voice so much higher on the video?” I have no idea why I have a more chipmunk like voice on video, but each time I have been taped, I have noted that phenomena….

Hopefully, the vlogging will help other quilters along the way! Stay tuned to see how I progress.

Happy Quilting 🙂